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Freedom Innovations develops world-class lower-limb solutions in close collaboration with amputees and prosthetists. These solutions encompass technological innovations, service, training, educational resources, and consultative support to help provide people with physical challenges the ability to reach their full potential. Based in Irvine, California, Freedom's lower-extremity prostheses are sold and distributed around the world. Freedom recently entered the K2 hydraulic ankle market with the introduction of the Kintrol Hydraulic Ankle/Foot system.

Key features include:

  • 12° Range of Motion (2° dorsi, 10° plantar)
  • Active dorsi-assist spring aiding in toe clearance during swing phase to help prevent toe stubbing and tripping
  • Full fiberglass keel: flexibility of the forefoot for a comfortable, smooth rollover; and increased coronal motion for additional balance and stability
  • Enhanced balance and stability: U-shaped bumpers designed to enhance balance and provide stability (bumpers included with every purchase
  • Ease of use: the only K2 hydraulic ankle with independent above-the-foot-shell DF/PF adjustability

Freedom Innovations