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Endolite is part of the Blatchford Group, a world-leading rehabilitation provider with 128 years of innovation and expertise in lower-limb prosthetic technology. By drawing on our rich heritage, clinical expertise, and innovative technology, we can help shape the future of our industry and improve the life of each patient we meet.


Our industry-leading innovations include:


·     Our Hydraulic Ankle Product Range, including Avalon, Echelon, and Elan—the first commercially available ankle designed to provide a natural and fluid walking experience for greater stability, long-term health, well-being, and independence.

·     Linx, the world's first fully integrated microprocessor-controlled limb system where centralized control of both the knee and foot is designed to deliver an experience that mimics the incredible and complex structure of the human leg.

·     Silcare Breathe Liners, with patented technology, allow the air and perspiration often trapped between the liner and skin to escape through specially designed laser-drilled perforations. This helps to increase comfort and control and reduce the damaging effects of relative motion on damp tissue encountered with standard prosthetic liners.

·     Our Pediatric Range, with the Child's 4-Bar Knee, a durable and lightweight design offering exceptional stability and durability for active children.

·     The Mini BladeXT foot features a split toe and traction sole for outstanding stability, ground compliance, and improved comfort, making it the ideal choice for active children.