Soft, Patient-Friendly OrthoLux for Better Compliance

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OrthoLux" from Hope Orthopedic, distributed by SPS, is a patient-friendly LSO/TLSO producing better outcomes through increased compliance. Its moldable Kydex® inserts in anterior, posterior, and side panels can be reshaped with a heat gun for sagittal and coronal spinal control.

The OrthoLux is:

  • ConformableSeven sizes may be mixed and matched for best possible fit. Unisex version comprises male back and female front for near-universal fit.
  • Excellent ControlAnterior and lateral bending tests demonstrate significant reduction in both sagittal and coronal motion.
  • AdaptableFour styles of Extender", a low-profile TLSO add-on, are available for applying high-profile sternal or pectoral pressure as needed.

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