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Exceptionally soft and wrinkle-free like the original seamless AFO interface, SmartKnit AFOs with X-STATIC, fit like a second layer of skin, and also provide the proven benefits of pure silver. The thermally conductive silver fibers in X-STATIC work much like a silver spoon in a cup of hot tea, by conducting heat away from the skin to the ambient air, thereby cooling the skin.

X-STATIC also enhances the body's natural ability to evaporate moisture. The conductivity of the X-STATIC fibers acts to accelerate evaporation. As moisture is evaporated, a correspondingly greater amount of moisture can be drawn through the yarn system for subsequent evaporation. 

X-STATIC AFOs transport perspiration away from the skin faster, creating a more comfortable environment and less potential for the development of dermatitis, bacterial irritation, and odor. In short, SmartKnit AFOs with X-STATIC allow increased comfort and better skin health by minimizing moisture contact with the skin and reducing bacteria.

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