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Seattle Systems, Inc., announces its Sure Step Neuropathic Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW), a custom orthosis used in treating Charcot degeneration of the foot and ankle.

Offloading, stabilization, and protection from future trauma to the foot are critical in the treatment of the diabetic foot. Seattle Systems' Sure Step Neuropathic CROW is an effective alternative to TCC, offering greater comfort by putting minimal pressure on the foot and evenly distributing weight that provides the necessary support to enhance mobility.

The custom-molded boot incorporates a bivalve custom pre-tibial and posterior shell with rocker bottom sole that is designed to offload the foot similarly to a total contact cast but offers accommodation for each patient's particular needs.

This innovative product can also be used for post-surgical protection and transition following foot and ankle reconstruction. 

When properly fitted, Seattle Systems' Sure Step Neuropathic CROW can reduce plantar forefoot and midfoot pressures by approximately 50 percent. Key advantages that benefit medical professionals include:

  • Seattle Systems fit, finish, and accuracy of construction
  • Quick turn around time in custom construction
  • Affordable price

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