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PEL Supply Company announces the immediate availability of the new CruiserTM OA Knee Brace manufactured by Seattle Systems. This revolutionary new osteoarthritic orthosis incorporates an innovative hinge design to provide comfort and freedom of mobility to the patient.

A single upright joint places a corrective force during knee extension and full relief upon knee flexion. 20 degrees of medial/lateral adjustment allows the practitioner to customize and fit the most involved patients, with an off-the-shelf knee orthosis.

Unlike standard OA braces, the new Cruiser OA has no force straps and no constant pressure. The wearer can actually sit down and relax. The Cruiser's unique hinge action increases the patients' comfort during flexion when corrective force is not necessary.

The Cruiser OA is offered in a stylish silver finish, and is available in five basic sizes, from extra small to extra large--in stock for next day shipment from PEL Supply.

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