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PEL Supply is offering a 50% discount on new EZTrim" plastic socket edging material from MICA Tools. The special introductory price, applying to orders placed throughPEL from June 1 through July 16, 2004, is only $12.15!

MICA notes that EZTrim extends the life of suspension sleeves and liners. It protects against tears and rips of suspension sleeves and helps prevent liners from getting damaged or torn. Using EZTrim reduces worry about finishing socket edges. Easily cut to length; EZTrim is heat-moldable for uncomplicated application at 60°-80° to a clean, dry, wax-free surface.

EZTrim fits prosthetic sockets up to 1/8" wall thickness. The complete kit includes the EZTrim strip (3' X 1/8"), glue, and fabrication instructions.

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