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NeuroFlex Orthotics Inc. introduces a recumbent Ankle/Foot Orthosis (AFO). The NeuroFlex® Eclipse" AFO treats ankle/foot inversion, eversion, and plantar flexion while controlling unwanted hip rotation. Flexible calf extensions with adjustable elastic straps provide Low-Load Prolonged-Stretch effectively treating ankle/foot contractures. A flexible Toe Guard "gives" with involuntary toe flex.

The Eclipse AFO's soft, breathable cover is treated with KOOL-WICK" and BACTI-BAN" to keep skin cool and dry, protect skin integrity, and reduce cover odor.

Use Eclipse AFO to treat joint stiffness, adaptive tissue shortening, and abnormal ankle/foot tone and spasticity. If your patient has the potential to bear weight and walk again, treat their plantarflexion contracture with NeuroFlex Eclipse orthotic therapy.

Thumbs Up!

NeuroFlex Orthotics Inc. has launched the NeuroFlex® Eclipse" Finger Flex Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthosis. Designed with bioengineered therapeutic flex at the wrist, MCP, and PIP joints of the fingers, the Eclipse Finger Flex WHFO reduces abnormal tone and spasticity of the wrist/hand/fingers. Rather than immobilizing the hand during an episode of tone; the Eclipse Finger Flex WHFO "gives", allowing affected muscles to shorten, reducing Muscle Spindle firing and involuntary muscle contractions.

The Eclipse Finger Flex WHFO cover is made of soft, breathable foam and moisture-wicking KOOL-WICK" fabric treated with BACTI-BAN" to protect skin integrity and reduce cover odor. The proprietary strapping system allows a custom fit. Patients report greater comfort compared to static hand splints.

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