Fred’s Legs Introduces Laminating Sleeves

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In response to prosthetists' and technicians' requests; Fred's Legs now offers SleeveArt stitched into a cone shape for laminating needs. Carefully selected fabrics, constructed of high-quality Lycra-Spandex, offer 4-way stretch which conforms to most socket shapes. SleeveArt Laminating Sleeves, priced at $21.50, come in three standard sizes with custom sizing available. 

Many amputees now opt for a sporty, unfinished look rather than standard cosmetic coverings.  For patients desiring this bold new look; SleeveArt offers several unique, exciting Laminating Sleeve designs. Visit our website for the latest selections or receive SleeveArt's Spring 2004 catalog by FAXING your request to: 954.316.1315.

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