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The new Mauch XG™ carbon frame knee from Ossur targets the high-activity amputee. The Mauch XG combines high performance with a new sleek design ideal for facilitating cosmetic finishing. The frame is made of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wound with Kevlar. The low-profile frame is fitted with the Mauch Jr. cylinder, noted for durability and performance.

The Mauch XG is designed for multi-speed ambulation with roller bearings at the knee axis and cylinder attachment points that offer a quiet, smooth function and natural feel. It is field serviceable by the prosthetist for hydraulic cylinder replacement, and the proximal and distal male pyramids facilitate changes to the alignment. Other features include a weight limit of 285 lbs, a full 135 degrees of knee flexion, and a low clearance height of 8.5 inches, a critical factor for amputees who need components with lower-build heights in their prostheses.

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