Flex-Foot Cheetah® Xplore Junior

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A custom-built, hybrid carbon fiber foot designed to function as both an everyday and sports foot.

For kids that require the flexibility of an everyday walking foot and a running foot in a single prosthesis, Cheetah Xplore Junior is the answer. Cheetah Xplore couples the proven performance of our Cheetah sprinting foot with a heel for everyday walking/ standing.

User Information
Amputation Level:Transfemoral and Transtibial
Impact Level:Moderate to Extreme
Max Patient Weight:55kg (121lbs)

Foot Information
Sizes:One size
Weight of Foot:312g (11 oz)
Build Height:Min: 185mm (7 5/16")
Max: 311mm (12 1/4")
Adapter Options:Lamination Connector

Warranty: 18 months and 60 days trial period.