Stump Shrinker - AK

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  • Residual limb compression therapy to minimize or prevent swelling
    • During post-op recovery
    • On mature limbs to prevent swelling overnight so limb fits socket in the morning
  • Customized hip attachment positioning on above-knee shrinkers
  • Smooth and comfortable distal end seam eliminates common irritation point
  • Smooth transition between the stocking and the hip attachment eliminates common irritation point
  • Thermoregulating yarn helps keep limb cool
  • Moisture wicking for comfort



Two levels of compression
   Compression Class 1: 20-30mm Hg
   Compression Class 2: 30-40mm Hg

Appropriate compression for clinical need

Gradient compression- greater distal compression, lower proximal compression

Channels excess fluids out of limb

Integrated silicone beaded top band on TT shrinkers

Reliable grib, won't roll down

Customized hip attachment positioning on TF shrinkers

Allows precise closure placement

Thermoregulating yarn with moisture wicking

Helps keep limb cool and dry

Antibacterial effects

Helps minimize odor

Smooth distal seam

Increased comfort

Smooth transition from stocking to hip attachment

Increased comfort