From rehabilitation, to the home and office, to the gym and the trail, RHEO KNEE XC confidently goes anywhere. Whether rehabilitating on a spin cycle, navigating tight spaces, strolling around town, or hiking a trail in the rain, RHEO KNEE XC provides the perfect balance of stability and dynamics.


  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to splashing of water.
  • Magnetorheologic technology enables an instant response so that users never have to wait for the knee to catch up with them.
  • Smart gait detection, including kinematic sensor technology, ensures stability and dynamic response in every situation.
  • Advanced actuator and resistance control ensure best possible resistance, e.g. more support in stair descent and minimum effort needed in level ground gait.
  • Advanced extension assist mechanism.
  • Effortless swing initiation enables a smoother gait, even in crowds and confined spaces.
  • Allows high impact activities such as running and jogging.
  • Extension lock mechanism, to lock the knee in full extension and increase safety and comfort under specific circumstances.
  • Efficient cycling and secure stops with Automatic Cycling Recognition.
  • Allows step-over-step stair ascent.
  • ÖSSUR LOGIC app offers two levels of experience one for the user and another for the practitioner.

Recommended with Seal-In® X TF liner and the following feet: Pro-Flex®*, Re-Flex® Shock, Re-Flex® Rotate, Pro-Flex® XC
*Note. Pro-Flex can not be used for high impact activities.



Microprocessor control feature, swing and stance, incl. sensors


Fluid swing and stance phase control


Stance flexion feature, adjustable


Stance extension, adjustable dampening feature


Knee extension assist


Above knee manual lock


Addition, endoskeletal knee-shin system, thigh-shank angle and multi-sensor-activated stair ascent, obstacle clearance, and no-impact (cycling) exercise feature

L7368: For replacement charger only
L5930: High activity knee control frame for K4 patients only

User Information

Amputation Level Transfemoral and Knee Disarticulation
Impact Level Moderate to High
Max Patient Weight 136kg (300lbs) for moderate, 110 kg (243 lbs) for high

Knee Information

Net Weight Approx. 1.61 kg (3.56 lbs)
Build Height 236mm (9 1/4")
Knee Flexion 120°
Aluminum Frame Construction