Reflex Rotate/Shock Unity System

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The Unity vacuum suspension system is available as an addition to the Re-Flex Rotate™ with EVO™ and Re-Flex Shock™ with EVO™ foot modules. Unity in combination with Iceross Seal-In V® provides elevated vacuum in the socket during ambulation, without the restricting effect of an external sealing sleeve. Unity adds minimal weight to the existing prosthesis and does not interfere with the superior function of Re-Flex foot and shock modules.

Ordering Information
Unity can be ordered with Re-Flex Rotate with EVO and Re-Flex Shock with EVO in the standard foot module height. Please select the appropriate Unity Pump Module kit according to foot module size when placing an order and Unity will come preassembled on the foot. For extra convenience and system compatibility, Unity TT Valve Kit is highly recommended as a means of connecting to the socket.

Caution: Due to restricted space with the Re-Flex Shock with EVO shock module and Unity, SSPU* kits allow for only 2 full turns of downwards adjustment from the tallest setting. Re-Flex Rotate with EVO modules can be set to any height within their designed limits.

User Information

Amputation Level:


Impact Level:


System Information

Foot Sizes:


Maximum Vacuum:

-23inHg (600mmHg)

Normal Operating Pressure:

-16-20 inHg

Added System Weight:

130g w/ Pump, Socket Valve and Tube