Iceform® Uniform Locking Liner

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The Iceform Liner is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material and covered with durable textile. The unique thermoformability of the TPE material allows the liner to adapt to residual limb irregularities and shape, providing optimal comfort for low to medium impact use.

Össur recommends that the Iceform Locking liner is used in conjunction with the Icelock® 600 Series.

User Information
Amputation Level Transtibial
Impact Level Low to Moderate
Liner Information
Size Standard Small (15), Medium (18), Medium+ (20),
Large (25), Large+ (28), X-large (33)
Profile Uniform
3, 6, and 9mm Anterior, 3mm Posterior
Recommended L-Codes: 5673