4seal Classic™ TFS liner

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4seal Classic transfemoral liner provides a secure suspension between the residual limb and the prosthesis. The silicone used is particularly skin-friendly and easy to clean while the Umbrellan fabric is designed to treat phantom pain. Four comfortable and flexible seals secure the liner without constricting tissue.

The liner can be turned inside-out and put on without using alcohol spray, providing more flexibility and independence.

Benefits of 4seal Classic

  • Four innovative sealing fins–outstanding fit and reliable adhesion without constriction
  • Easy Glide PLUS surface coating–self-lubricating and easy to clean
  • Simple donning and doffing, the liner can be turned inside out or put on without any alcohol spra
  • Does not roll over
  • Orientation line on both the inner and outer surfaces simplifies donning
  • Water-resistant. Suitable for taking a bath, swimming, showering.
  • Possible relief or abolition of phantom pain for a better quality of life
  • Tear-resistant – the liner does not tear even when overstretched.

Warranty is 6 months