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The POWER KNEE™ remains the world‘s first and only motor-powered, artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee amputees and defines the future of lower extremity prosthetics.

The first and only motor-powered prosthetic knee, the POWER KNEE works as an integrated extension of the user, designed to restore the power of lost muscles and symmetry of movement that is vital for those with limb loss. POWER KNEE gives users the ability to cover greater distances than they could previously.

Confidently negotiating obstacles and inclines has never been easier, and ascending stairs foot-over-foot is now possible.

By providing powered extension and heel rise, the POWER KNEE mimics lost proprioception and muscle function. In addition, it is now sleeker, quieter, easier to fit and use, and the improved battery technology allows users to experience the unique benefits of the POWER KNEE all day long.

Product Highlights

  • Powered extension - the POWER KNEE can help lift the user from a seated to a standing position, support the user while ascending inclined surfaces, and power them up stairs.
  • Powered swing extension - with an active pendulum motion, swinging forward when the user walks, the POWER KNEE restores natural walking dynamics during each step and enables pelvic rotation for a more natural gait.
  • Active heel rise and knee flexion - on level ground as well as on changing terrain, the POWER KNEE actively lifts the heel off the ground. The result is sufficient toe clearance during swing, designed to prevent stumbling and improve user safety.
  • Mimics natural proprioception - the POWER KNEE anticipates and responds with the appropriate function required for the next step and monitors and adjusts gait symmetry to optimize the user’s gait.
POWER KNEE User Information/Selection Criteria
Amputation Level Transfemoral
Impact Level Low to Moderate
Max Patient Weight 125kg (275lbs)
POWER KNEE Product Information
Net Weight 2.7kg (6lbs) w/o battery
Battery Weight 0.49kg (1.1lbs)
Build Height 275mm (10 13/16")
Knee Flexion 120
Minimum Clearance 380mm (14 15/16")
Other Aluminum Frame Construction
Internal Extension Assist
Kit Includes:
  • 2 x Battery Packs
  • Battery Charger
  • Power Supply
  • Warranty Certificate
  • User Manual & Information DVD
  • Technical Manual
  • Bluetooth Dongle

POWER KNEE is available to POWER KNEE-certified facilities on a prioritization basis. For more information on POWER KNEE certification and availability please contact your local Össur sales associate or customer service.

There is no trial period for this item - all sales are final. For a trial knee or bionic device please contact customer service at 1-800-233-6263, Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm, PST, or by email at ossurusa@ossur.com.

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