Unity® for Flex-Foot Assure®

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Unity for Flex-Foot Assure is a sleeveless vacuum suspension system designed to stabilize volume fluctuations and maintain comfortable socket fit throughout the day. It is specifically designed for the low to moderate active user and in combination with Seal-In technology, it provides secure suspension and volume management. The lightweight foot incorporates an active heel combined with the full-length keel that work together to protect the vulnerable sound limb. The proven design and simple fit of Assure allows basic ambulators to take advantage of premium technology just right for them without the restricting effect of an external suspension sleeve. Unity adds minimal weight, no extra build height to the prosthesis and does not interfere with the foot module dynamics.

Warranty: 36 months for the foot and 24 months for Unity. Foot covers carry a two month warranty.

User Information

Amputation Level:

Major lower limb amputations

Impact Level:


Maximum Patient Weight:


Foot Information



Foot Sizes:


Maximum Vacuum:

-23in Hg (600mm Hg)

Normal Operating Pressure:

-15-18in Hg

Added System Weight:

104g w/Pump, Socket Valve and Tube

Build Height: (Size 25-27)

125mm (4 15/16")

Heel Height:

10mm (3/8")

Recommended L-Codes:

L-5981, 5781

Ordering Information

Please select the appropriate Unity Pump Module kit according to foot module size when placing an order and Unity will come preassembled on the foot. For extra convenience and system compatibility, Unity Valve Kits are highly recommended as a means of connecting to the socket.

For liner selection charts and item numbers please refer to Iceross Seal-In X (TF) and Seal-In® pages (under related products below).