January 2021 Editor's Note

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By Andrea Spridgen

As we welcome in 2021, I think it's fair to say that we are all looking forward with a different worldview than we ever have before. The pandemic has changed the way we carry out many of our daily activities and dramatically affected the economy. It has also showed how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. In this issue, we explore the ways in which O&P practices are finding ways to thrive in this new environment and how manufacturers are continuing their commitment to producing innovative products to meet patients' needs.

When the initial wave of the pandemic hit, practice owners were unsure how they were going to continue offering care to patients. As the months wore on though, clinics adapted to new safety protocols, and some found that they were able to not only care for their existing patients, but to grow their businesses. We spoke to several practices about their experiences with embracing growth this year in "O&P Growth in Uncharted Territory."

Developing and launching new products during a down economic climate and pandemic may seem counterintuitive, but O&P patients still need creative solutions to restore their mobility and function. And like us as individuals, O&P manufacturers are adjusting to the changes we've faced through 2020 and moving forward. In "Creativity Under Pandemic Pressure: How O&P Manufacturers Adapt," manufacturer representatives share the workplace challenges and the strategies they've used to continue bringing innovative products to market.

While ringing in this new year may have felt very different than years past, I am confident that the O&P community will continue its long tradition of adaptation and growth as it embraces 2021.

Happy reading.