Agile Orthopedics Expands Mobile O&P Care

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Agile Orthopedics, Denver, has expanded its mobile prosthetic and orthotic care service from the Denver metro area to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the Vail region of Colorado.

The six intentionally designed mobile clinics allow for concierge-style care to reach patients who face physical limitations, a lack of transportation, higher risks of infection from illnesses such as COVID-19, or who prefer the convenience, said Eric Neufeld, CPO, FAAOP, CEO, who founded the company to reverse the often high no-show rate for appointments and to offer an elevated level of care. Agile's mobile clinics have helped the company achieve a less than 1 percent no-show rate since its inception, Neufeld said.

"Our mobile care model meets the growing demand for patient choice. It's not only convenient to treat people directly in their homes, but it's much safer as the state battles a third wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic," he said. "Agile's patient-centric model shows healthcare is evolving, and we're proud to be one of the first to remove barriers preventing Colorado's mobility-impaired patients from receiving care."