Changing Colors

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By Andrea Spridgen

By the time you read this,the summer days will have slipped into early fall with leaves changing to many colors. Many of you may have also recently returned from the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association National Assembly, where you had the opportunity to trade ideas with colleagues and attend educational sessions on clinical and business topics. Just as the leaves assume a variety of hues this time of year, so are there myriad facets to the O&P profession. In this issue of The O&P EDGE, we explore an array of topics on the business aspect of O&P.

While we often think of business concerns in O&P as strictly financial, there are other intangible and important considerations that can impact the bottom line if ignored, including burnout. In "Burnout in the O&P Workplace: Recognizing, Understanding, and Preventing," we share strategies for addressing the pressures leading to burnout that can result in turnover, errors, and increased absenteeism, all of which have a direct impact on patient satisfaction and business success.

Successful O&P practices are dependent upon the other healthcare specialties with which they interact. To that end, "Improving Interprofessional Communication" presents the SBAR model of communication within healthcare settings to demonstrate how O&P clinicians can more effectively communicate across disciplines with physician referral sources, physical and occupational therapists, and other members of the rehabilitation team for positive patient outcomes.

This issue's Better Business article, "How to Implement Change in the Workplace: An Employee's Perspective," tackles the subject of how employees can lead process improvement. Too often, we rely on improvement in the workplace to come from the top down and resist change because it may come from someone who is not participating in the job function that is being impacted. However, in this article, Nina Bondre, CPO, proposes a plan for introducing and implementing your own ideas for change in the workplace from the proverbial trenches.

So, as you settle into the cozy, cool days of fall and watch the leaves turn their many splendid colors, I hope you enjoy this issue with its take on the different "colors" of O&P business success.

Happy reading.