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By Fred Lanier

Making sure a potential customer knows about your business is the first step in marketing, and targeted marketing is the most cost-efficient method. With the small population of O&P patients, however, it can be difficult to focus your advertising to reach only those people who need your services. One way to help maximize your marketing dollars while giving exposure to your O&P clinic is to put your company logo on textile products that you provide to patients and referral sources.

Patients will see their prosthetic sock interfaces many times a day and, consequently, will also see your logo each time. When it's time to reorder, they will know exactly where to purchase replacements. You can include your facility contact information to make it easier to schedule an appointment. Knowing where the prosthetic sock came from will also benefit the patients' caregivers.

Patients who are still hospitalized following an amputation surgery are likely overwhelmed by their circumstances and/ or affected by medication. By putting your logo on a post-operative prosthetic shrinker, you will help alleviate confusion as to which practitioner has provided care to the patient. This patient "branding" simplifies one situation for him or her, as well as for the family members or caregivers. It also informs hospital staff and other practitioners who may call on that patient that you are the provider.

Putting your logo on diabetic and AFO socks will put your company name in front of your patients every time they don their socks and braces. It is private labeling of your socks for your facility.

Opportunities for marketing with textiles also exist for your facility's referral sources. Athletic socks that have your logo on them are great giveaways. You can get your name in front of a valuable referral source every time he or she dons those socks. Imagine a physician seeing your company's name with every swing of the golf club.

How much do you pay for customized pens, notepads, and other products to market your business? Do you know if the person who gets that product actually reads the name on it, or is it just tossed into a drawer and forgotten? With a practical, branded product, I guarantee that your patients and referral sources will read the name on their socks every time they don and doff them.

Adding a logo to your textiles is a simple way to market your company, keep the facility's name available to your patients, and help them remember your services.

Fred Lanier is the sales manager at Comfort Products, Croydon, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at