Össur Custom Fabrication Services Help CPs Maximize Their Clinical Effectiveness

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As the prosthetics industry continues evolving, CPs are increasingly focused on clinical patient care rather than the artisanal skills that once largely defined the profession.

Quality craftsmanship and custom prosthetic solutions are still very much required, but today's professionals also must grapple with new and increasingly complex documentation and reimbursement requirements, while simultaneously managing their patient care and practice operating costs.

Össur, a valued industry partner for more than four decades, is helping lead this transition by offering affordable, reliable and efficient lower limb prosthetic custom fabrication solutions. CPs who utilize Össur's comprehensive outsourcing capabilities can find relief from the fixed costs-and headaches-associated with the substantial real estate footprint, expensive machinery, sophisticated air-handling equipment, and labor investments required for practice-based fabrication operations.

"Össur acquired Evolution Industries to provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective fabrication options to meet customers' needs, so prosthetists may dedicate their time and resources to what they do best: clinical patient care," said Craig Mackenzie, CP, RTP(c), Director of Operations, Össur Custom Fabrication.

Össur's 37,000-square-foot facility features the most advanced design and fabrication technologies available today, including CNC carving and CAD design capabilities. State-of-the-art design and fabrication of lower limb prosthetic sockets is available nationwide in just one to five days, and encompasses standard materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber to specialty materials and designs like Synthex and Revolimb.

Customers can order everything from check sockets to definitive sockets and complete legs, and in configurations from Symes to hip disarticulation. Components from Össur or other manufacturers can be specified or customers may supply their own components.

"Whether combining basic componentry or creating unique, complex configurations, our ABC-accredited fabrication operations can easily address whatever changes in volume occur, whether due to seasonal shifts in demand, staff changes, or practice growth," said Kim De Roy, CPO/PT, Ossur's Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Education Prosthetics-Americas.

Co-located with Össur Custom Fabrication in Orlando, Florida, is Össur Academy where Össur provides professional education and training for customers who want to maintain their own fabrication services, including regional fabrication operators across the U.S. For more information, please visit www.ossur.com/prosthetic-solutions/products/sockets-systems/custom-sockets.