The RUSH™ Foot—Changing Lives with Every Step

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Ability Dynamics designs state-of-the art prosthetic foot products, with a patient-first focus on flexibility, like nothing else on the market today. Innovative thinking, coupled with the Flexeon™ glass composite, has resulted in the new RUSH™ foot design.

Carbon fiber has been the standard in prosthetic feet for decades, but carbon fiber is not optimal due to limited flexibility and composite failures. The Flexeon™ glass composite was originally developed for aerospace applications and reimagined by Ability Dynamics to eliminate traditional weak points in prosthetic feet.

With both the keel and sole plate made from Flexeon, the RUSH™ foot's superior engineering delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available today. It is exponentially more flexible than carbon fiber and stress points won't fail when subjected to pressure, water, or impact.

Not just another carbon copy, Flexeon™ is breaking the mold while changing the way amputees feel about their lives. They report an unmatched range of motion from the roll-through design that allows for super smooth transition from heel strike through toe-off with no dead spots in between. The RUSH™ foot helps maintain a natural, smooth gait even in rugged or uneven terrain. Comfort, flexibility, and durability are at the core. The performance of the RUSH™ foot speaks for itself. Virtually indestructible even in the most extreme conditions. Carbon feet don't stand a chance.