Össur Announces RHEO KNEE 3

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"A decade of experience and valuable customer input have made RHEO KNEE 3 the first microprocessor knee to offer the ideal balance of stability and dynamics. With the introduction of RHEO KNEE 3, RHEO KNEE is now ideal for all K3 amputees, including lower active users," said Kim De Roy, CPO, PT, Össur America vice president of sales and marketing and education, prosthetics. "In the past, prosthetists and amputees had to choose between microprocessor knees that were either more stable and ideal for lower active users, or more dynamic and ideal for higher active users. RHEO KNEE 3 caters to both and supports the user's progress through the rehabilitation process."

RHEO KNEE 3 was designed to provide the stability that lower-activity K3 users desire without sacrificing the ease of movement that has made RHEO KNEE popular with higher-activity users. Featuring a new kinematic sensor and redesigned actuator, RHEO KNEE 3 couples increased and smoother resistance across a wider range of stance flexion with solid support from heel strike to toe-off. This enables users to confidently traverse different surfaces, walk down ramps and stairs, and stand comfortably with little effort.

At the same time, higher-activity users will appreciate that RHEO KNEE 3 further enhances the signature performance dynamics of RHEO KNEE. In particular, a more powerful "zero lag" actuator instantly responds to the user's movements. Coupled with an improved extension assist capability, the actuator produces a faster and more natural swing extension, enabling the user to conserve energy and concentrate less than when walking on other microprocessor knees.

Reports from pilot studies, in which users compare their RHEO KNEE 3 experience with a prior prosthesis, indicate:

  • Improved mobility and functionality (L test) in 100 percent of lower-activity users, and two thirds of high-activity users.
  • Greater feelings of safety and stability, particularly among lower-activity users.
  • 83 percent of all users covering greater distances during the two-minute walk test (2MWT).
  • 39 percent reduction in user's perceived fatigue levels (Borg Scale) walking on RHEO KNEE 3 compared to other microprocessor knees.

RHEO KNEE 3 offers an extended battery life (up to three days) and accommodates user weights up to 300 lb.