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Origin liners are created from an advanced medical grade silicone formula naturally compatible with human tissue and resistant to fluids and bacteria. Origin liners never reduce in strength or thickness and remain fresh and odor free after each use, and are intended for patients of all lifestyles and activity levels.

The Custom Origin is excellent for uniquely shaped and sensitive limbs. It's made from a positive cast, negative cast, or AOP file from INSIGNIA or other systems. The Custom liner ensures a perfectly molded, personal fit for each patient adding more cushioning support where your patient needs it and tapered off where they don't. Our silicone is also made to match the durometer (softness) of human muscles and tissue for comfort and a more natural feel.

Evolution specifically chose silicone for its compatibility with human tissue and resistance to fluids and bacteria. The coverless design and smooth finish of the Origin further keeps away bacteria and makes it easy to clean as well as don and doff the liner.

The Origin liner can be used in conjunction with the Aura or Echo locking seals to provide a cost-effective solution for optimal suspension in expulsion and vacuum socket systems. The compact and lightweight design provides patients with a secure fit while preserving freedom of movement and establishing a durable airtight suspension system that locks firmly against the inner wall of the socket. The Aura and Echo are also machine washable with the Aura as an option for softer tissue and the Echo as an option for medium to firm tissue. The Origin and Aura/Echo together make a simple and cost-effective solution.

Initial Custom Origin liners can be produced in five business days, with additional liner on request in three business days. Custom colors and off-the-shelf silicone liners are also available.

Please contact us for more information at , call 888.839.6213, or find out more at our website at www.evoii.com