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By Karen Bieniek

The College Park name implies "learning and continuous education," and that's what CPI engineers and product designers incorporate into our foot/ankle systems and related products every day. From the ongoing improvements to the original TruStep® to the advanced technology of the adjustable heel-height Accent® and the multiaxial, dynamic pylon Onyx®, every CPI product design is a result of an unremitting enthusiasm to use what we've learned to create the most anatomically correct feet in the industry.

Encompassing Engineering and Education

This company mentality came through loud and clear as Chris Johnson, CPI's engineering director, designer, amputee, and product tester recently jumped on the conference room table during a company meeting to demonstrate the incredible movement and agility he experiences from the soon-to-be-introduced Soleus® foot. Chris talked about how every foot at CPI is designed through a rigorous process of testing, trial, and error, demonstrating our commitment to continuous learning.

Customization Is Key

The best use and performance of College Park feet is derived from the customization that our feet afford amputees with varying needs and lifestyles. From the educational standpoint, we have the know-how to successfully adapt our products to meet those from all walks of life. We accommodate the energetic daily life a of child, the vigorous routine of an amputee athlete, and the women who appreciate an easy change from walking shoes to dancing shoes, as well as the laid-back or very busy lifestyle of a retiree. Fit, form, and function are of vital importance to us when designing built-in customization into each College Park foot. We have learned what patients need, and we design prosthetic feet accordingly.

Intelligent Innovation with iPecs®

College Park's dedication to O&P industry innovation will carry on with the launch of the Intelligent Prosthetic Endoskeletal Component System-iPecs-initially intended for universities and gait labs, then to prosthetic facilities. This wireless research tool provides accurate measurements of force and moments experienced by the prosthetic appliance and the patient. The freedom from current constraints affords a more accurate picture of how the prosthesis is used in everyday life. The data, collected via software, will assist prosthetists in the proper selection and alignment of components, thereby improving the overall health and well-being of amputees.

The core attributes of ongoing education, intelligent design, and innovation are key factors in the past and future success of College Park Industries. A strong, growing USA-based company with distribution to 33 countries, CPI continues to lead and support the O&P industry. With exciting new products on the forefront, look forward to additional innovations from CPI. Visit for more information.

Karen Bieniek is the marketing communications manager for College Park Industries.